When I was a young girl, I used to spend hours looking through our photo albums - my parent's wedding, family events, our travels and all our childhood photos. My siblings and I each had our own personal album with our names hand-written along the spine.

My dad documented most of this himself with a 35mm camera and mostly black and white film. He isn't a trained photographer, but he is an amazing storyteller - and he captured these family memories in a way that would last for generations. These photos captured our personalities, documented our lives and told our stories.

Whenever I visit, I still spend hours looking through these albums and all the memories. They're a priceless gift and I enjoy them now more than ever since starting my own family.

At the heart of my photography, this is what I'm passionate about - creating and giving people their story in pictures. Whether it's an engagement, a wedding day, an anniversary, a birth, a graduation, a birthday...I want to capture these memories in the most natural way with care and quality that will hopefully last generations.

I'm a formally-trained photographer with over 10 years of professional experience.

I live in Arvada, CO with my husband, 3-yr old daughter and our rescue Sancho.

I've also included some of my personal photography projects on this site, which can be viewed from the top menu!


Open-space access across from my home studio in Arvada, Colorado.